Patrizia Sergeant Unlocking your true potential
Patrizia SergeantUnlocking your true potential

You are the Healer - I am your Guide

The techniques and therapies I use are designed to unlock, stimulate and strengthen the health-giving energies that are nature's gift to us all.

During an initial consultation you will be invited to identify and explore the negative issues that you feel are adversely affecting your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well-being. Don't be surprised if you discover some of which you had been unaware.

Together we will discuss the treatments that are best suited to your needs. They may require a gentle 'hands-on' therapy such as Reiki or the Bowen Technique, or a spiritual self-awareness approach as is offered by The Journey... or a combination of these and other processes.

It is for you to discover what is best for you!

All treatments are provided within a calm, peaceful and relaxing south-facing room to help you connect with the light of your own Healing Power. In cases of special need, I am able to visit clients in their own home.

You will be guided and supported at all stages: before, during, between and after treatment sessions. This will be discussed during your initial consultation and may be reviewed at any time in your progress to Well-Being.

Details of the therapies and treatments mentioned above are given on subsequent pages.

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