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Patrizia SergeantUnlocking your true potential



Reiki means Universal Essential Life Force Energy
Ancient medicine works through this natural energy, which emanates from and flows through and between key "circles" or "wheels" of life within the human body. These are known as CHAKRAS. There are 12 Chakras in all, although for most people 5 are usually dormant owing to eons of suppression of some of our original primeval abilities.

Reiki is one of the best known and effective methods used for re-balancing and re-charging the chakra system to enhance the flow of the body's own Healing Life Force. It also harmonises the left and right spheres of the brain, accessing the spritiual nature of one's true personality.

Any condition - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual - can be treated by Reiki. It is particularly beneficial for those who - for whatever reason - are unable to receive other forms of treatment.

The benefits of Reiki include
  • a deep sense of harmony relaxation
  • the dissolving of energy blockages
  • detoxification
  • raising the vibration frequency of the body's Life Force


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