Patrizia Sergeant Unlocking your true potential
Patrizia SergeantUnlocking your true potential

Thank goodness for beautiful spirits like you and your daughter, Vanessa. You have definitely enriched my life and helped me understand and guide me through this sometimes confusing maze of life and lessons we each have to learn. 

Connecting with our Higher Selves is our personal guide book. I guess I wish it was easy for everyone to really understand why we are here and the soul's path. It certainly wasnt easy for me for a long time. 

I really believe in the Journey work because I have seen the results for myself in my body, health and my mind.

Thank you so much for all your help.

Leoni, 16th June 2020


For years I had always suffered with bad teenage skin on and off, but late 2018 my skin suddenly worsened into persistent acne. I couldn’t understand it, on the outside I believed I felt fine and was coping well with everyday life. I exercised, drank lots of water every day and tried all sorts of spot remedy products, but nothing worked.

Frustrated, I came to Patrizia with feelings of low self-esteem and unable to connect with people around me, like an emotional blockage had taken over me. Patrizia had previously worked with me a few years ago when an unexplained lump formed on my neck and gave me the biggest health scare to date. Countless scans and doctors were unable to tell me what it was, but through Patrizia’s Journey Work we connected with my past life and were able to find the root cause of the lump. Weeks later, I noticed that it began to shrink until it completely disappeared, it hasn’t reappeared since.  

The journey work with Patrizia allowed me to truly re-connect with my soul again, she patiently guided me through the process of bringing out my emotions that I had been unconsciously burying for so long and showed me that I was not as damaged as I believed I was. Immediately afterwards, I felt refreshed and empowered, like a weight had been lifted. I had no idea how much these negative self-beliefs had been affecting me until I noticed my skin slowly clearing up weeks later – I’m still in shock with how much better it looks. Journey work with Patrizia has helped me make positive internal changes which have now become visible on the outside, I can’t thank her enough!

Lauren Budd, 23rd July 2019


The following testimonial is put together from extracts of different email updates from my client (L.G.) who started ordering Tachyon products from the online shop ( in March 2018. In July '18 L.G. then came for her first Journey process, combined with a Reiki session. Note that by clearing issues, we also open doors to receiving more abundance into our lifes!

L.G. had open ulcers on her leg and toe ..

6th March

I hope that the Tachyon products I have received will help with the healing of a leg ulcer which I have had for months now. I have stuck the Tachyon glass cell directly over the wound on top of a thin plaster.

8th March

As you say I hope some of the blockages can be dissolved as the lack of blood flow.


27th March

Yes I have been placing the cells on my leg. The ulcer has improved greatly.
What I have noticed though is an increase in my energy levels as well as my creative energy as I make ceramic and glass jewellery and I have rented another studio space …. all of this has come together over the past few weeks!


9th April

Just wanted to send you a picture of my leg now so you see that it is all healed!

This latest ulcer began on 16th  Nov last year; all this time I was trying to get it to heal.

I started placing the cells on my leg on 6th March and it has been healing since  7th April,

so in just four weeks.


22nd April

Thank you as I received the parcel with the Tachyon blanket yesterday so had my first nite last nite under the blanket. I actually felt refreshed when I woke up this morning! Usually I feel horrible in the morning. The pain in the left toe is reduced as well so I'm looking forward to the continuing benefits and I imagine once the body starts healing it can continue on its own process. 


31st May

To be honest I haven't really been doing that well.

I have developed a small ulcer under the middle toe and although small it has been 

so painful and prevents proper walking.

My leg is all healed and has remained healed but I can't seem to get this one to heal.

On a positive note it has not got any worse since it came around a month ago.


27th July

I really don't want to be too ahead of myself in saying this but the ulcer on my ankle is half the size and under the toe I'm using just s small plaster when before I had to use loads of padding on it. Also it's not weeping.

When I sleep it's like a much deeper sleep which is all good.

Healing to be continued


This year, I had some trouble, grieving the loss of a loved one.

Up to this point, nothing I tried had worked.

I had a terrible sickness inside me, from it. For weeks, I couldn't function properly and had ran out of options.

A good friend of mine recommended Patrizia and her healing work. Patrizia's line of work was completely unknown to me at this point, but I put my trust and faith in her.

From the very first communication, it was very clear that Patrizia was a naturally loving and caring person. Patrizia made me feel very comfortable about speaking with her and opening up with my issue.

When I met Patrizia, I was welcomed with open arms. Her practice was warm and welcoming and I felt very comfortable there. Patrizia helped me with my grievance, with her 'Journey work'. I have to say, it was one of the most intensely satisfying experiences of my life. It answered a lot of questions for me and allowed me to let go of the things I had been holding onto, with the loss of my friend. I cannot put into words how powerful the experience was, and how exhilerating it would be.

From there, I very quickly returned back to my usual self within a matter of days.

I have now had my second session with Patrizia, which was an entirely different experience. I can only descibe my visit as 'Euphoric'. I experienced feelings and emotions that I cannot say I have felt before.

In all, Patrizia is a master at what she does. Her professionalism, warm welcoming, comforting and expertise all go hand in hand to make a truly wonderful experience, every time.

I will now be frequently visiting Patrizia, as her services benefit my greatly, in my day to day life.

Thank you Patrizia, from one very happy customer.

S. J.  30th May 2018


My discovery of Patrizia and her amazing work took place while I was visiting her website of Tachyon structured products: I started exchanging some emails with her about Tachyon energy, and then acknowledged her fantastic healing service.

On our first Journey session we dove deep into all the layers of my being, touching every part of my inner self in search of any emotion and hidden sufferance. The healing process was tremendously enlightening and uplifting. During the hours we spent together I experienced deep cleansing and a melting process of the knots I have been carrying inside of me for many years. I went through a strong release of old dark energies, followed by powerful purifying vibrations all over my body and soul.

Under Patrizia’s guidance I did connect with the archangels Michael and Raphael, whom assisted me during the Journey.

After my first session all my body went through weeks of healing: my thoughts became clearer and pure, my energy reached new heights; while being more loving and peaceful towards myself, I began to forgive my past and discover the meaning behind the big picture of my existence. Therefore, I opened to a new awareness and I was able to acquire Divine knowledge and infinite wisdom.

Patrizia assisted me before, during and after we met, giving me loving advice and support.

Me and Patrizia have met again recently, this time I had the chance to explore one of my past lifes and unlocked vivid memories about it, in a Journey of liberation from the chains of darkness. The healing was even more powerful than the first time, and I could reach a relaxed state that gave me the power to be deeply present with my inner self.

Thank you Patrizia, I am so grateful for your help and I hope that other people can work with you, as you have unique Divine healing powers manifesting through you.

With Gratitude,



Vanessa's incredible gift of communicating directly with our Archangels and Patrizia's heartfelt intuitiveness and knowledge are such an incredible gift to anyone seeking understanding and ultimately their truth .

Thank you to you both - I feel blessed to know you and to have received guidance when I needed it x x


My name is Tanja, I am 38 years old and work as a nurse in Germany. I have known Patrizia for 16 years. Even though we are unable to see each other frequently, whenever I have a problem, she is the first person I wish to consult.

Patrizia has helped me overcome my terrible fear of exams. During my pregnancy I suddenly experienced a shortness of breath, which was scary; there seemed to be no obvious reasons. Doctors diagnosed me as a hypochondriac. I tried to overcome this breathing problem by meditating, unfortunately without any success. Only with Patrizia's assistance was I finally able to uncover the root cause of this issue and liberate myself from it, which was related back to a past life. Without this support my pregnancy and giving birth would have been an incredibly traumatic experience. For this I am so grateful to her.

On another occasion I went through a period in my work place where I was bullied. I know I would have been unable to cope without Patrizia's help. She was able to show me how to access my inner strength, how to enhance it and operate from that. By changing my inner self, my energy and behaviour changed alongside, which stopped the bullying altogether.

These are just a few examples where she stood by me and was by my side not only as a friend, but also as a therapist and life coach. She did this despite having to go through her own life challenging situations, where she had to fight her way through difficult times herself.

Thank you so much and please continue your work, Yours, Tanja


I have known Patrizia for many years and have always admired her work very much. She is such a warm and honest human being.

Patrizia has always encouraged me and given me the strength to believe that 'everything will be fine' and that I must try not to worry.Twice my husband and I separated before we were married, it was an incredibly painful time, today I think it was meant to be that way.
Continuously she has given me hope to believe that my husband and I belong together and showed me the reason for our suffering.
Everybody else had given up believing in us and in the end it was true; we reunited and today we are together, happily married beyond imagination.
We have 2 beautiful children.
During the Journey processes she has done with me in 2006 I saw myself with my own children. I found it so hard to believe that what I experienced during the process would really happen and for my dream to one day come true. This must sound so strange but has finally become reality.

At this point I must also mention that – after many attempts to become pregnant – Patrizia did one last healing session on me via Skype; 2 weeks later I was finally pregnant with my first son who was born in 2014.

I can really recommend Patrizia and know for sure that she does her work with passion and honesty. Thank you so much my friend, please continue with your work …. S.E.


I have known Patrizia for many years and am pleased to confirm that in 2006, when I was walking with 2 sticks, she introduced me to the Bowen Technique.
I received treatments from her, prior to having a hip replacement and found it very beneficial.
More recently I have had other assorted aches and pains and again found Bowen to be very efficacious.
Most often I would 'plod' into the treatment room and 'dance' out with a feeling of 'floatiness'
(M. 80 years old)


December 31st 2009 was a turning point in my life. I was staying with a mutual acquaintance in Kent, when she suggested that we should drive from her home near Folkestone to meet Patrizia Sergant and her family and friends to see in the New Year. At this time I was at my lowest ebb, depressed, awaiting the Decree Nisi in my divorce, back living at my parent’s home, no work and no prospect of work, no possessions, massively overweight and really detached from life in every respect.

That night and the following day would be truly the turning point in my life.

From this low point thanks to the patient effort and wonderful, outstanding abilities of Patrizia Sergeant, I was slowly brought back via her care and application of The Journey Process, Reiki Healing and much spiritual care and love. Over the next five years, we went on a roller coaster of a ride. Often incredibly emotionally painful and challenging, but never less than fascinating, I was able to understand and grow. These processes not only helped turn me around but also allowed me to develop my latent (actually dormant) abilities and understanding of the interaction between the spiritual and physical planes.

In short her treatments lifted my depression, helped me shed a large amount of weight. This in turn enabled a positive affirmation to spread through my life, which in turn slowly brought in work and now today I have a successful business, which continues to grow. I have continued to receive help and support from Patrizia and from this has grown an amazingly strong bond of friendship.

Without her support I cannot begin to think where I would be today

Mike Hope


Hello Patrizia

What is interesting for me now is seeing the great 'interconnectedness' of matters, and how we find ourselves with certain people in life. More and more I see through the veil of life, to the 'play' behind and as my understanding grows, hopefully I'am also raising my vibrations.

....these experiences serve to remind me that there is a plan, we are not alone and most important, that there is absolutely nothing to fear.

You gave me a feeling of comfort and security in these matters and I am certainly up for meeting again to see where we go from here.

I certainly feel different following the Journey, more complete perhaps....



Hi Patrizia,

Thank you for introducin me to the Journey. Through this wonderful process, I have discovered amazing revelations, throwing light on my relationships, past and present and possible futures. With your ever-safe guidance, I have clairified often mysterious areas of my past, both light and dark, that have brought me to where I am now.

The Journey continues



I have been friends with Patrizia for many years and have eagerly watched her as she has trained and qualified in all these alternative treatments. I can honestly say that on more than one occasion I have visited her to treat me for shoulder, knee and jaw problems.

All three problems improved very quickly and have all disappeared now, I would thoroughly recommend her and her treatments as an alternative to the more traditional methods available.

Carl Harris, Bow Design&Print


My deepest gratitude to you in presenting yourself to me through my lovely son Jack. YOU, my guide in finally taking those steps to my Journey to Freedom!! I am exhilarated, bursting with the  most joyous feelings of peace & love.  The request to my Angels was granted not in the way my analytical mind expected;

on the 15th June, 6 months after my first Journey Process I was appointed Registered Manager of a Residential Hotel, responsible for 40 elderly residents and 40 staff. My salary more than doubled and I achieved a qualification in Leadership & Management in Health & Social Care. Not bad for a single parent with 2 dependent children struggling to make ends meet as an administrator on a lousy hourly rate!!

Nicky Cuthbertson


Patrizia's technique is a way of rapidly steering through your memories and emotional issues. While it is difficult to be logical about how it works, it certainly helped me to feel more positive in the longer term and it has helped to reorient my thinking.

I've known Patrizia for 5 years now and she has become a friend. She is exactly the right person to carry out this technique, exuding warmth and making you feel that the world is full of possibilities again.



Patrizia Sergeant felt she would be able to help me move past some barriers, in particular around finance, that appeared to have their basis in limiting beliefs, So I took her up on the offer and had one session with her to address these matters specifically.

The session itself was an entirely pleasant experience and afterwards I was open minded as to whether anything would come out of it or not.

I run a small charity that I founded and that has maintained a steady level of income for several years, but appeared to have hit a 'ceiling' that I was unable to move beyond. I suspected this was something I was imposing on the organisation, as I have never attracted much money in my life.

In the months following this one session, the finances of the charity have changed explosively. Large sums of money have started arriving, seemingly effortlessly in many cases, pushing the income to record levels. Suddenly my vision for what I want the charity to achieve is coming within reach.

This is an extraordinary turn of events, although I have encountered enough extraordinary events to know that most things are possible, given the right conditions. I am sincerely grateful to Patrizia for suggesting to me that she might be able to help in this way.







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