Patrizia Sergeant Unlocking your true potential
Patrizia SergeantUnlocking your true potential

What I can do to assist you on your healing journey


All of us are here on a quest to re-discover who we really are, our infinite potential, our true magnificence within the spirit that defines unconditional love. Many have fallen away from their path and find it hard to return to something they know is their purpose; without a purpose we become disillusioned from a sense of incompleteness. This makes us weak.


The good news is that at any given moment in time we have the chance to re-align with the path to true enlightenment of our strong powerful spirit. All of us are spiritual beings, what defines true spirituality in a physical existence is to live out the actual words we speak. Only love can reconnect us wholesomely and in order for this to happen, we need to embrace total forgiveness in every direction.


The work I offer assists you in doing exactly that and much more. My expertise in supporting you as best as I can stems from a life long deep interest in exploring the psychology of the mind, a firm belief in the purpose of the existence of humanity itself, a strong connection to spirit and - most importantly of all - my close friendship with one of the most authentic mediums I have ever met. The teachings from this friendship are priceless and difficult to access in a world drawn into a turmoil of an overload of material interest.


Always remember that you are the master of your destiny, nobody else can do it for you but rather with you, in cooperation and harmony. 


Therefore, the work I offer is designed to reignite your own unique individual gifts, abilities and talents, with which you can assist immensely to create a world of meaningful prosperity.


In additional support on your healing journey I have developed meditations, free of charge, accessible to you any time you are in need of guidance. They are suitable for any type of situation you find yourself in and will


  • aid you in accessing your infinite potential continuously
  • reconnect with your complete soul, reigniting your essential spirit self, 
  • bring you closer to your guides, giving you a sense that 'you are never alone',
  • believe in yourself and your divine empowerment
  • remind you of what really matters in life and that there is always a way out, if we really choose and decide for that option


Become the master of your own life, love life just as much as life loves you! Make it a life worthwhile living from a love that knows no boundaries in all its colourful expressions!



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