Patrizia Sergeant Unlocking your true potential
Patrizia SergeantUnlocking your true potential

My Story


My healing journey began when I found myself at a very low point in my life; it was during a time where a number of financial difficulties led to some serious health issues. In 2001 I was diagnosed with a severely prolapsed disc requiring emergency surgery, which for me at the time was overwhelming. This is when I began to experience panic attacks and acrophobia, leaving me feeling desperate and helpless.

Inevitably the situation affected my children, which gave me the feeling of having failed as a mother. This added pressure to the entire situation, causing a deterioration of my own condition.

With the support and advice of medical doctors who were also trained in the complementary field, I began applying "alternative" treatments to myself. (I had already used Homeopathy to successfully treat my children for things like chronic coughs, pneumonia and emotional issues). Slowly but surely, the panic attacks lessened and I was able to leave the house for longer periods of time. Following a recommendation I tried the Bowen treatment for my back pain. Almost immediately I experienced a sense of overall wellbeing, which - to my surprise - made the pain subside.

During my studies I came across Reiki and The Journey. With The Journey Process I finally discovered the forgotten and hidden reasons why certain things had happened in my life. For the first time I was able to release unhealthy pent up emotions and deal with "unfinished business" that had been holding me back and affecting my health. I have since experienced such a sense of wellbeing, understanding and acceptance that I am able to see the greater picture of our existence and truth behind the events in our lives!

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