Patrizia Sergeant Unlocking your true potential
Patrizia SergeantUnlocking your true potential

The Journey


The Journey Process was developed by Brandon Bays who managed to heal herself of a basketball sized tumour within 6 weeks of diagnosis.


The Journey leads one into an awareness of one's own true essence, releasing its power to heal at the deepest cellular level. During treatment you are led to the root cause of any physical or emotional issues, which - probably unconsciously - have been locked into your 'cell memory'. You are given the tools to release them in a wholesome liberating way. In doing so you come to a place of greater understanding, acceptance and forgiveness (of yourself and others), enabling you to re-discover your true potential and empowerment.


Deepest cellular healing affects all aspects of our lives. By dealing with life's challenges in a balanced and healthy way we become true masters of our destiny.


A Journey Process will enable you to release any negative blocks or issues, which may be causing

  • poor health
  • depression and grief
  • addiction or compulsive behaviour
  • failing or unsatisfactory personal relationships
  • weight issues
  • fear of success
  • poor career and job prospects
  • financial hardship and difficulty

Instead you will

  • break out of 'going round in circles'
  • reconnect and stay in touch with your divine blue print
  • discover your life's purpose leading to true happiness and fulfillment
  • take responsibility for your life, stop seeing yourself as a victim and move into a state of genuine empowerment.
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