Patrizia Sergeant Unlocking your true potential
Patrizia SergeantUnlocking your true potential

Children and Teenagers


Children and teenagers benefit tremendously from the treatments I offer. Their minds and bodies are relatively more open and accepting than those of their "spoiled" elders. Up to the age 10 - 12 children are usually more accepting and less judgmental in their experience of treatment. Their innate healing power is more easily activated leading to quicker results.

In my experience, teenagers find the treatments interesting and exciting, especially when undergoing a Journey process. It teaches them how to deal healthily with issues rather than suppress them. The Journey is especially beneficial for this.

From a young age children and teenagers learn how to

  • understand themselves better
  • feel compassion for their others
  • discover or rediscover their true talents and have the self-belief to follow their life's purpose, enabling them to lead contented fulfilled lives.
  • comprehend the connection between body, mind and soul to stay aligned with themselves
  • access their bodies infinite healing capacities
  • live and work in a harmonious way rather than self-destruct through being aggressively competitive.


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