Patrizia Sergeant Unlocking your true potential
Patrizia SergeantUnlocking your true potential

There are two type of Healing Groups which are run on a regular basis.


One for people who wish to first of all receive some form of emotional release and support in their daily life because they are having to deal with big challenges. In those we come together on a Thursday evening to cleanse and reconnect with our hope as well as the purpose in our lives. People will find their own strength and solution to their problem, learn how to tune into the divine and their inner knowing. Simultaneously those regular community meetings bring certainty of our innate connection by simply getting the original sense of being there for one another.


The second type of Healing Groups serves to collectively let go of any false believes or dogmas which are blocking us and therefore our planet in a ripple effect. Together we connect with our Higher Selves aiming for a re-alignment of our true consciousness, the state of complete Isness. Only when we are in light ourselves as much as possible are we able to eliminate the darkness in our world. From the state of enlightenment we then connect to each other and the world, sending waves of light and love.





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